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There are descriptions of programs, that were made by me since 2008. I used Perl, Mysql/Postgres databases and Asterisk PBX.
You will not find source code of programs - I don't have rights for selling them. But I can create any possible similar system by your order. Or I'll develop open source solutions later (if you're interested - email me! - 2@ivanoff.org.ua)

openACD - automatic call distribution system
The system distributes incoming calls among operators according to access level.
more about openACD...

Voice menu openIVR
A system for design of interactive voice menu.
more about openIVR...

Outgoing calls
The system makes outgoing call and pronounces a certain text.
more about outgoing calls...

SMS sender
The system sends SMS to each phone. Administrator defines text of message, list of phone numbers and time of sending of SMS messages.

Alarm/reminder service.
Customer orders incoming call for remind. He specifies day and time of incoming call. When it is the time, customer will recieve incoming call: "It is alarm service. Thank you for using our service." Requests for remind call is receipt by operator. There is an option, when the client specifies the date and time, using the voice menu prompts.

Audio content.
The customer choices category of audio content, according to voice menus (1 jokes, 2 citations from the movies, etc.). Audio file is played from appropriate category after selection. It is selected as "random unique audio file for this phone number".

The weather forecast informer
The client selects a city from the list of 8 cities, or selects a region of Ukraine, and then the city (more than 30 Ukrainian cities in common). Then he hears the current weather information in selected city (example: "Today in Kyiv, plus nine - plus eleven degrees, cloudy, without precipitation. Wind - north, two meters per second"). After that, the client is invited to repeat the same message by Yushchenko or Yeltsin voices. The information is taken from one of rss weather forecast website.

Currency exchange and precious metals rates informer.
The customer is informed by phone about current exchange rates (the rate of National Bank of Ukraine, the average buy/sell rates of the russian ruble, U.S. dollar and euro), as well as information about of silver, gold and platinum rates. The information is taken from one of the financial web sites.

Exact time service
Service was made to inform of exact time by phone. After that, callers hears melody, that corresponding to the current time.