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The next step

The next step. Так аккуратно, словно колечко вкладывая.
But not even look at my hands. And in the eyes without looking
Provide documents - one from the doctor that I can not be silent,
The other - the death of my testimony. With the signature, with the date stamped.

And so, step by step. Two, one ... (How to play hopscotch)
Squatting. Standing. Fly. We are sailing. For some reason we collect points ...
Growing up in this round: work and home. Home and work again.
What is death? infinity or the end? or maybe the beginning of something?

What is life? table or a game? Alchemy il science?
Bad I did. Faster than the speed of sound
somehow stark and cold - "And-and-and ... Pp-time!" closed behind me.
click ... Two clicks ... good so decided.


Are you writing a new paint portrait
You draw and shade and light.
Where is the love, sadness and where you count up to the eye,
Doing a new smear.

And will track where there was a white sheet.
And the familiar portrait was long ago.
Just feel it will be gone in a spray of droplets,
But you know that you love him all the same.

Someone said, "Draw and live.
Without it, there is no love. "
And you live and paint, and bring love
Bright colors are yours.

And will track where there was a white sheet.
And the familiar portrait was long ago.
Just feel it will be gone in a spray of droplets,
But you know that you love him all the same.

But the night outside the window and the old lady moon
Remind you that you're alone again.
And in a fit of misunderstood love someone
You wash off the paint on your own.

You lose any features clean white sheet again.
And drowned in tears a portrait of your friend.
Just somewhere in the hundreds of solar sparks
Kindle a spark, and there will be light.

That the sun rose, stepped night.
You can not overcome yourself.
Again, your paint brush in his right hand
Love draws on the canvas.

And will track where there was a white sheet.
And the familiar portrait was long ago.
Just feel it will be gone in a spray of droplets,
But you know that you love him all the same.


Summer is almost heat and life.
everything is fine - we build and erect.
I forget the details.
life as the subway - we move in and out.

I'm looking for my every spring.
but the black-and-white care ...
and I need to paint? I think not.
love as the cosmos - the stars and void.

and forgotten in the little things
and do not look for me in vain.
You think everything is just so
and the world as alcohol funny and dangerous.

platoons on memory and belongs
another half-life, you know - not drunk.
flash in the pan, cut short, nedozhal ...
a day like a puzzle - was formed, did not work.

Burn and enjoy yourself - no'm burning, yet walk
I stand and I beat on the glass faces. (Whisking egg cream)
in the hands of a blunt object
and I ... as a person. such as all ...


Again, one of you lives on top. Em F
Enemy of the poor will remain my old friend.
Still dissolve month in the dark
And as the sun breaks out of hand.

To live and die - that's it!
Forget it! Stop it! Wait a minute!
After all, the sun is something wrong again sang,
And the moon again breaks the heart with an arrow.

Or is love? What a pity!
She - as a quiet sweet dream.
But the bread and salt - all that's left
To a proshtanie zemnoy bow.

Forget it! - Forget at this time?
After all, you can lose tenderness.
And shed his sick seed
And on top of diluted blood.

But suffered! Where to? - Do not know.
That is - something close - to be trouble!
Appeared, jumped, got stuck
And disappeared into the darkness.

Evil. Affected only.
We always see this dream.
What? You feel that? Not really that painful?
Go ahead and cry, remember that pain.

Then the other with the same pain
Suddenly you notice it, you get bored.
You will understand that the sun washed away the blood,
And maybe ask someone.

But again one of you live at an altitude of
Enemy of the poor will remain my old friend
Still dissolve month in the dark
And as I hear the sound of the heart.
There. There.
There. There.

On the way to Paradise.

Where the sky merges into the sea,
Only joy will remain in my heart.
Where people do not know how to live in a quarrel.
Brave edge. On the way to Paradise.

Where are you smiling people
Here, the heat and light of love.
Neither the killer nor the jury, nor judges.
Brave edge. On the way to Paradise.

Find and stay forever
All your dreams and everyone wanted
Even for a moment to look into this realm.
Brave edge. On the way to Paradise.

Only one has a reliable means:
If you love and live with faith,
You manage to find this place.
Brave edge. On the way to Paradise.


Feel: the wings behind the back up,
So you heard the good word,
And I saw no malice but with self-interest,
A business heart, divine.
It means that something you were dadeno,
Something light at birth,
If the broad speeches filthy
You heard the saying is true.
You heard him, and saved him
Not for myself Beach - for the community.
And another second-vorog
You once could not express it.
But you do not understand the honest people
And kill for a good word.
Feel: the wings behind the back up,
So long the dull earth.


Kiss, three words and in different places.
say that feelings do not sweat.
This light will not help us
tion to world tozhe not sogreet.

just look in the open field angles
with the same success could poeb.tsya.
as we are madly in love
to fight and to seek, to find and to get lost.

I love you. but you're so hot
I fear melt all my compacts
No, do not think that I'm just speechless.
I am the coach to tell you "fuck you"

all the circles and repeating twice
The predictions, forecast, Ms de vu.
I'm telling you - prepare for war.
and I add, "I love you"

I'm telling you - prepare for war.
and I add, "I love you"


you'll be knocking on my window
branch of a nearby tree
I will shoot a movie about you
and I will love you truly

Once again, I write letters to you
With tenderness in letters with a passion for line by line,
Stronger than I want you to hug
Pryzhatsya schekoyu k tvoey scheke.

you'll be knocking on my window
branch of a nearby tree
I will write poems for you
and I will love you truly

He left footprints in the sand this summer
To you I'm letting in any region.
And I implore the autumn sky
Leave at least a part of you.

you'll be knocking on my window
branch of a nearby tree
I will drink the wine for you
and I will love you truly

I will drink the wine for you
and I will write to you verses
I will shoot a movie about you
what do you want. love - not love.


All the blame of a great mind
And his back under the whip nadorvetsya string.
The scrip is not able to unscrew the screw.
Осталось только молить да не мели ты Thomas.

From the fate not go'll eternal outcast.
How to staeyu room stroka for strokoy
Relying on the veins on the bottom subsided;
Не печалься Thomas от весны не спастись.

Oh, how they jumped from windows, hanging out at the wall
Broke, shot, broken knees
But no one noticed - is not the time;
Подойди распишись, в том, что жив ты, Thomas.

Well, you fall again lay down to rest.
If I had known that you were able to sleep
Not for an hour or a day, and go to sleep forever ...
Эй дурак не чуди, не дури ты, Thomas.

And when you sing about tunnels and doors
And about the light, that in the end, then you will not believe.
Ты Thomas их не бойся, откуда им знать
What is live prolyubit prostradat

I think I love autumn

Autumn is very similar to a woman. Winter at the old woman, a student at the spring, summer on a drunken foreman.
I love autumn in her garnet earrings and gold shawl.

And not only by those three months, and a segment when the best guitar sounds.
But apparently, the winter will not be for two days and smells of spring.

And, probably, already used: work, transport, intercom, elevator, door and ... Empty apartment.
Nothing, tomorrow in the middle of the day all over the work. Also empty. :)

This is quite colorfully say mirrors in homes, as a reflection of the real world.
Especially the morning. And you think, "My world is or is not mine" ...

And the longer you decide not to look in the mirror and decided that for the same feature - a solid satire.
And you do not wake up tomorrow against the lips of strangers in strange beds.

And I do not even mind if tomorrow I wake up alarm clock - the eternal badass
Signature: Ivanov. twenty-fifth. January. seventh year.


Summarize the results. Here ...
With wide effort! There is a new year,
Multiplying zero for eternity,
From poker yes to infinity.

Already you see - not decades.
On what is cursing the light.

And the day plus a night - not daily.
"Oh, we still have half a minute.
And some extra day gives some extra time
On the left is just a dream. "

(That's how I note, incidentally,
What if I sleep longer at night
Not getting enough sleep as usual.
And less - that is similar.)

But dreams are indivisible and dates
Not deductible, not multiples.
And by the way, no one is to blame,
What we are identically.

I'll tell you ... the language of science:
"Madame, I do not know you"


Who can argue with wild spring?
Who will be able to touch the frozen string
And zaleshny disturb peace,
That shone liberty runes?

Can fall victim to the lunar ice
Exuding it and break his wrists.
Ho over the fire - it's just water
Before that break down the wall.

You can jump and fly,
You can jump, fall and break.
Hevazhno what death will find you,
It is important to strive for something hard.

Warm up the cry longstanding firmament,
Tears wash biting edge.
Fear not die out, do not be afraid to burn.
Not afraid to fail, afraid to be brittle.


A look dumb, like a lump in her throat.
Tears stream down my words:
It can be seen will never pass
Envy black to other worlds.

Oh my, we did not care
Vein cut priodnye
And sucked the blood of the earth-mother,
Being hungry all the time.

Hu and who will feed us?
Can people with green noses,
In the suits, but in black tie,
And with a smile on shirts fashionable?

Yes, slovami nakormyat us
Come and listen, honest people.
Hezabudut, will supplement
Just wait and keep your mouth open.

All you like - take it all to yourself.
And the other part can give.
Hakormi slovami brother with sestroy,
Hakormi wife, and his father and mother.

But how soap balloon burst all the words
Zelenomordoe extinct tribe.
And let pыly, sorghum, chaos to us,
Death will leave us hungry.

Ho because power is in the hands of the young,
Head of new plans will throw up.
So do prkormim himself and his wife,
And the children, and those who ask.

* * *

As the smoke from the fire melts softly in the air,
As the evening sun laughing fade,
So, quietly whispering, you go further and further,
Leaving only a feeling, full of falsehood.

And the word 'forget' remember for years ...
I lay silently before your feet.
You can not come and see ...
Ho did not crush the hope to live.

Come to life and jump up without knowing sadness
And quietly look at the rock between us.
And over the cliff I see suddenly the sky
And immediately understand where I was and where fiction.

I want to fly and learn
What is it - under the sky to fly?
Forget about the land and the freedom to surrender
Now here's the problem: how to get up in the air?

Maybe give me your wings bird?
Gently shake the and here: the miracle happens!
I vzveyus of herbs and binge,
How painful to me to live in Unforgiven edge

Where individuals are indifferent as to the dirt road,
Where megaphones beat touchy,
And can be jammed natural quiet.
What do you crucified: do not want - are silent ...

Ho in the sky! Under the sun! That is - a beauty!
Crystal - air purity heights
You Listen - do you hear? She is! Silence!
And only the music of wind can be heard.
And that is invisible ... That is - bliss!

Let us dream and fly!

* * *

Just shout, my dear, Em Am
I come. Hm Em
How many tears you shed Em Am
Hа беду. Hm Em
How many thoughts scattered Hm G
On the way, dreams, E Am
Only the wind sang all, Em Am
That, they say, there is no spring. Hm Em

No, wind Pogue,
Not take!
False speeches us
Not up to snuff!
Not will score, strong,
Weak flower,
It shall not be sorvete s milochki
Lace handkerchief.

Just shout, my dear,
I come.
And I will scatter sorrow,
How many tears shed
For his little window?
How much heat beater
And the sun has dried?

The sun is hot you are,
Weak little seed
He loses.
Let it grow out
Small sprout.
The girl on the joy
Zlatý spike!

Just shout, my dear,
I come.
The white mists
Not damn ...

Nice, my, do not,
You do not priydesh.
You're a coveted
In the distance you can find.
And kriknu, dazhe
Not pay for nothing
After all, I did not like
Cute you.

Backwards - in advance.

Am In
Oil eating traitor earth eats a prophet.
Am F
Who was the ringleader, today alone.
Those who wanted to live, steps onto the ledge.
Rainbow hung rocker down.

The light was a shadow, a shadow remained live.
Wolves full - intact, sheep - just howl.
Eternal leader spoke at the talentless "encore."
Rainbow hung rocker down.

Ottryahivayu ashes could not stand the shame.
Someone's eyes stuck on me like a silent reproach.
Who's right and why, try to figure it out.
Rainbow hung rocker down.

You do not wait, man. There will be a chance - wake up,
Rainbow improve and to obernis world.
Maybe someone will see, who can understand,
That all up and down here, but backwards - in advance.


A green dot in the star sky
Perhaps destined for a long time
Connect the two parallel worlds,
Translating them into a single measure.

Arise and go out, waiting
What's behind the glass will light a new light,
In that dimension, where the two watched
For the wonders of the book of life of yesteryear.

They stand quietly, hugging,
She tells him about the sky,
And he inhales the smell of her hair ...
A star lit green.

How nice to stand before them and sky.
She gently hold his hand,
His touch, he had her hug
And to the heart with tenderness presses harder.

* * *

The sun was setting,
Slowly hiding behind the forest.
Evening extinguished forever -
Another dead night.

Scarlet band soon
With a whisper of wind will melt.
With an invisible mute reproach,
Like himself accused

In that he could not stay
And continue to entertain,
In the sky with rays swim,
Of clouds cold drink.

Fire could not bear the sky
Quietly extinguish - and that's ...
Already twilight - a nice deal,
Freedom of the day and hassle.

And the night will spread suddenly open arms
And for a would lead.
Will wrap up at the starry dress
Softly sing a lullaby.

And the song calm and quiet
Relax, dispel depression.
And listening to the night, I lie down,
I nezametno lip.

* * *

Word by word, deed for deed.
It can be seen from the morning sun has burned down.
Shots in the field, so do not sleep on his arm.
Lumberjack cry sounds hollow.

Echo booming Vdarili storm.
Wash the shower, blind eyes,
Stunned, and will cover the whole body trembling.
Wind cool hand inept
Capable only just pluck the leaves,
Yes girls dress playfully bully.

Eye obomleet of beauty
After the rain gold purity
Gleaming in the sun dewy drops ...
The clouds will be scattered the proud herons.

Sun radiant glances out of the corner
On the ground washed, rainbow rise,
Broken into hundreds of brilliant fragments,
Were spread in an orderly laws.

Laws of the smile, the laws of sadness,
Necessary laws goodbyes
And the inevitable and joyful meetings,
Which, of course you can not keep.

Yes, how many people there are so many opinions,
How many laws - as many colors
Only one color can not be described
The most tender feeling - love.

It is like an arrow pierces your heart
And on her cheeks redden remains.
And can soar like a bird in the sky,
Amid the pines with green birch trees.

Or, running blue streams,
With dark clouds merge and re-
Spilled on the ground blind rains
Someone exclaimed: "Here, this is - love!"

YOU smoke, and I'll post.

Come on, my friend. Take a break, I say. F G C A
You once again have a smoke, and I'll stand.
Race around a minute and the ashes stryahnuvshi,
You, as always, prozhuzhzhish my ears.

But something quietly. It may be nonsense,
But no one next to me and no.
Where have you gone? Do not cool the earth
From the ashes of another. A dog whimpering,
Worn on the patio, you old fool.
After all ate something ... I do not see cigarette butts.

Petunia not far Toptan tetyu Mashu.
The child did not finish her morning porridge.
Remains decided to leave out of the window:
Killed a sparrow, and broke the bed.

And the husband, as the last character of the five-
On the morning he was drunk and lying in the house Svetka,
Milkmaid young, do not hesitate!
On the view here is, of course, and all 220
But she was eighteen! What can I say.
Beautiful woman, ... if the wash.

A teddy bear shop steward, as the Minister of character!
And can watch chatter
About the sense of life, and how hard to live
And that these days it is impossible not to drink.

Not hearing boards will join the covenants ...
Here you ran: buying cigarettes.
Life is hard and have fun in this region.
And you lit it again, and I'll stand.

* * *

If you want to live, you will understand me. Em Am F
You will go a forest, I own way.
If you drink, do not perish:
In the joy of your sorrow will be many.

With wings burn hollow house of hope
Ash and ash throw the conscience of wind.
Give to the poor white robes.
Give blinded way, seeing a lot of light.

Let no easy way, you do not return.
You've played in boiled-boiled dough.
In the litter, do not forget that you are not happy:
In the stove there is very little room for a long time.

Maybe someone else who did not understand the essence of progress:
The first drunk already, the second still in bed -
Feast is a mountain people up little space.
Yes, too many words from a hangover.

Something you hung that are not clear today?
After all, we all got used to put pressure on the pity.
So do not listen to them, tighten the song,
Tighten song, but something unleashed.

If you believe, then I understand.
Once again, you will go a forest, and I'm on his way.
If you want to live, you will not get lost:
On your way will be a lot stronger.

* * *

It hurts and stuffy, sharpness in the eyes of
The truth is not in action, but in words.
The honor was seriously torn in the skin.
Stop ... Can feel?

Close and securely nailed down.
Not really something between you grill again?
Again and gnawing anguish tore.
Stop ... Could kill her?

Sleep is going on when I woke up
Sleep, waking up one day and touched
The purest love. And people are more severe.
Stop ... Can fall in love?

So where are the flowers and see no fault.
Not because you're singing, do not you lay down.
And here's more like a mental hospital.
Stop ... Can calm down?

* * *

Quiet weeping turns into screaming
The sun with the moon at loggerheads
And I want to forget the moment
When I was at the time of death.
When someone's angry bullet il boom
In the heart of the hit hurt
I forget, you only love,
But you said to me: "Enough!
I have enough of those caresses and love in return,
I'm close enough - go away!
Enough! If you're burned - burned,
And if the fly - you drop. "
And I'm leaving.
But I will return.
Do not be sad.
Palm covering the previous line,
On a blank sheet of paper (as if I had said nothing)
Can write letters, and may be the point.
But clearly, love still not passed,
Has evaporated and not withered.
And let the emptiness here and let you leave.
Live! And I will try that first.

* * *

Business as usual and all is well
It was fun, but once gone
And something is wrong and the soul does not sing
And the silence gets. Lacking.

Glad? Poor? But what's wrong with that?
Born to verse, if given the word
And the song would have been - the strings were broken
But with faith hope and love remain.

And who will go on the roof
After all, the strong top and bottom of the weak.
One would not support the other did not catch,
And someone is lying, while others fly.

And the sky of their strong hand picks
At the bottom to keep the - force-will not suffice.
Yes, but remained blind, dumb
And I am among them, and I hope that with them.

When the pickings, then understand, perhaps,
The disease does not strangle the ability to love.
And give me wings, I will tell
About it to others, those who are at the top.

Do not be afraid - go back, I will not stay there
And let the wreck, but I'll be down here.
Sure hope I'll stay faithful
And you are never part.


Trolley entered the dependence on rod
Depends on the jamb every punk
The sun is setting, but it's garbage
After all, I love the one you

The rapper loves to listen to your shit
Birds - zoophyte I do not care
Harik gets a buzz from doznyaka
And I love the one you

Money loves a fat bourgeois
If you love to eat, shut up and chew
Fagot fagot loves, but it's "ynya
After all, I love the one you

You loved to eat, but you're starving
My friend was listening to punk rave
Sun, Nakuru, reached into the bushes
"I love you" - told me you

* * *

his head turned by a blizzard ... closer, closer
As a summer evening with the smell of Paris
not spastisь ...
about ... gimp
who cares! So the ring for three minutes, you're my, my beauty.
So give a hug, do not let go and breathe this evening,
do not allow yourself to love ... But you know ...
Yes, you're smart, God willing - not miscalculate.
let me try the same and become a friend and support, and can be
yes replacement in everything you forgive me, since that is not so strict, that you do not judge
 my dream.
in exchange pawns but my only word to be next to you, who would have heard -
 do not believe it, neither you nor I, and the evidence - excuse me - all my
not carry away, and you ... I live and I will keep you, I will deliver.
I hear the fire in you, in me is ... And, Coy it at first, but
Senses, I'm afraid I made a mistake, every night with the smell of your all closer
 Memories ...


I think the thought is clear:
No single thought
Maybe it's spring,
Or maybe I'm - it's you
Just a little bit honest.

You do Take control
Not want to go out of control.
I forget where I am
I forget who I am.

Lying and standing can be
I look I see off
Someone who died without a fight
And who died in silence with the battle
By covering the others with his ass.

You do Take control
Not want to go out of control.
I forget where I am
I forget who I am.

I was a little drunk,
I was a little sober,
When climbing down
And when against his will
Are you sank up

You do Take control
Not want to go out of control.
I forget where I am
I forget who I am.
I remember where I
I remember who I am.
You do not hold
I want to get out of control.
Fly off into the distance, like an arrow,
In the sky tearing away like a bird,
To know a little bit of heat,
In the river transparent wash.
Break into the scent of flowers,
Smell the fresh breeze.
See thousands of dreams.
Live and love I want.

False ...

Register new day blessed land, Am / E
Leaving on a night shivering.
New Farming - happiness, old - the nerves.
New Farming - though old - a lie.

The sun once again smiled ruefully.
Wind brought us fresh sighs.
Someone suddenly remember what it was,
And then he forgets under the rainbow dreams.

Hovye song born of a sudden,
Old songs accidentally burned.
Dark thoughts somewhere to disappear
Bright ideas for some reason come.

And someone decided that yesterday was terrible, Am / E / G / C / E
Someone us a new tale recoil,
He will say: Today we live in vain.
Someone has to lead us along.

People will move, will move the crowd
As one by one eccentric.
Ho that weirdo, replete with malice,
Sun eclipse, lifted up on high.

Hastupit night Am / G / C / E
start chaos.
The blood of people
the river flows.
Ho from the fact that people
Beat for the sky
above his head.
They are directed
mad darkness of the night,
Anyone who's shadow
stood at the head.
Да! Тот Безумец
that the "truth" prophesied!
The Truth Behind The Madman
they all died!
Register new day blessed land
Leaving on a night shivering.
New Farming - happiness, old - the nerves.
New Farming - though old - a lie.

The sun once again smiled ruefully.
Wind brought us fresh sighs.
Someone suddenly remember what it was,
And then he forgets under the rainbow dreams ...


Put the letters in the sky clouds Am / Dm / G / C
Or on the ground fog,
Hastupyvshy Kholod
Podstupili close to us. Am / Dm / E / Am
River frost-bound
And the blood ran cold
Tears burned her cheeks:
The heart has deceived again.

The sun was gone Am
The cold has come Am C
Day like night Dm
Wind dostal E / A
Pain is cold,
Like a morning snow
Hl words "YES"
Yes there is the word "No"

People wrapped in a warm,
Hidden under a smile look.
Opinion, in which the hidden evil
Faith in the pain and the way back.
Wind, scum have taken up
All the hopes, the dreams,
Cooled them. Day wilted,
Lie waited for darkness ...

The sun was gone
The cold has arrived
Hoch like pain
Wind took
All cold,
Like a morning snow
Hl words "YES"
Yes there is the word "No"


I was playing with fire,
I was looking for love,
Hablyudal for other people.
I was there, where the day,
I was there, where the night,
I was there, where deaf and dumb.
Where innocent look,
Ho was a happy
Laugh at his neighbor.
Where the judge killed,
And forgive the murderer,
There motto is "either themselves or others."

I - banishing evil
This is my craft.
I'm not a witch, I'm not a prophet,
It was given to me by hundreds of roads.
Chose one - the ministry of the Messiah.
About me say, casting out the devil.

The man is strong,
A person is smart,
Ho every faith grows.
And who the spirit is weak,
Who is the slave of vices,
Togo devil with a pick.
You were so,
And the sick, and the evil.
Obsessed with your name.
Are you afraid of the cross
And znala Christ.
You have lived or anyone not loving.

Ho I - banishing evil
This is my craft.
I'm not a witch, I'm not a prophet,
It was given to me by hundreds of roads.
Chose one - the ministry of the Messiah.
About me say, casting out the devil.

I came to you,
I saw the pain,
I saw the devil is getting stronger.
I told him:
"Get out and go away."
He said: "I'll die with it!"
My answer was simple:
"You leave her alone,
Is proud of you with a weak heart?
You take mine,
The power of your check. "
And he left it went

Like hundreds of thunderstorms ...
I have gone through.
A voice said: "You're mine!"
I broke the window,
jumping back centuries.
The demon died along with me ...

I - banishing evil
This is my craft.
I'm not a witch, I'm not a prophet,
It was given to me by hundreds of roads.
Chose one - the ministry of the Messiah.
I talked about:
banishing the devil.


We will drive through the sky rays, Am / E
REVIEW made their way forward,
Warmed green stems,
In the spring was covered in ice. F / E
Warm weather today,
Drifts gently argue with her.
I woke up not only the nature,
Woke love and hope.

Drops of paint patterns
Ha dirty, weary land,
And only the cold mountains
It should be reminded of last winter:
By building high peaks,
Ha frozen horizon,
Wrinkles, gnarled faces,
Snow caps hiding.

To wind DASTO MNE sogretsя,
Studite ozyabshuyu skin.
Love scorched heart,
Can not wake up.
Though struggling, yearning,
With the blood of hot kissing,
With the mind for a long time fighting ...
Ho only nature woke up.

* * *

You did not like enemies
For the fact that you did not drink with them.
You did not like friends,
For the fact that the enemies you loved.

In the style of G.

Someone called out - it seemed
Nervous tremor lost
In the midst of the black sweet dreams
And late brains.
The crowd unnecessary dirt
For the beauty of the needy princes
Hidden little black card
And live, see the world,
Improving low intelligence
Herbs and pain at once,
Top covered with rot
Not for the pain and relaxing
Because of the small binge
And last downtime.
But we can not see it,
But we do not hear it.
We have gone blind and deaf,
It may be a long time usopli
And wilted under the roots
With the painted names.

* * *

The strength of your eyes blue
And the soft music of words
Soothe me and cheer,
Issekutsya edge angles.

There will be no sharp spikes
And there is no deep water.
Give lots of fabulous dreams
'll Give, I pray,'ll Give!

Ode ass.

If it gets bad,
And even though the tears lei
Syadde bald ass
On gorochku coals.

If you will be joyful,
Mouth from ear to ear,
Sun his ass
In the icy creek.

If you're hungry,
You unbearable
Then his ass
Sit on the grass

If you suddenly zadbudete
Money to give,
With an asshole rasstovaniya
You can not avoid.

And when you're alone,
When you do not want to live,
Sorry you can not
Ass speak.

But as you may run,
We walk our stay,
In principle there are assholes
Before the terrible simple:

"If in the ass terrible
You've come to a sudden,
There could not wriggle -
There is a reliable friend.

His name - ASS!
In the storm and fire
Soft zasranka
Withstand blows! "


During the winter blizzard yes, true story behind the story,
On the fulfillment of a dream, the holy love.

Mimo strok to a purgoy
It was the story of Beauty,
Heard all about it
Get tried everything.
I always wanted to know
Who she is and where she is.
The beauty of gain,
Or drink it to the dregs.

Not to distant lands,
Where the enemy is,
And we lived was Ivan,
Not really a fool.
It is true there was something in it -
There was a rumor about him:
Not of this world was,
Or this fold.
He heard about the beauty,
When small was
And trying to find,
He forgot about everything.
Why did was a rumor?
Just our Ivan
The beauty is not for myself,
And for all looking for.
And he promuchalas,
Stake in one day
I have not noticed an old man
Amid the forest of shadows.
And, as usual, the old man
Asked to drink, eat,
What is Ivan? He has
This is good.
Ivan gave him
Bread and water.
All recently gave -
And having drunk old man-eating
Inquired of him,
They say where he was on his way
And what he is looking for.
So Ivan everything.
Старик молвил: "Да...
I know where she lives -
This Beauty.
And for being treated,
Ladno 'Association.
How to find it for you
Can prompt,
But tell me, it can also
Disliked you. "
"I'm looking for it all,
But not for myself. "
Then said the old man,
Hung his head:
"You'll find her in the house
In the middle of the forest.
Here, have a ball in the track,
So as not to get lost. "
Ivan took the old man and
In the legs bowed.
"And now, good-bye, John!
Remember the old man,
Let not thy scanty
A good hand. "
And the ball from the hands of torn,
Rolled into the woods
For neem - Vanya and old man
With ulыbkoyu disappear.

Dolgolev, korotkol Ivan
For a ball running,
How much time has passed,
I do not know
Only know - way far
By lesnuyu chashtu
Among the animals through the windbreak
Let k bleached stoyashtey
In the middle of a dense forest,
Where does Beauty,
Where in the ancient legends
Wonders come to life.

Here - a hut, and she
As in all the epics
Or fairy tales, as always
On the legs of chicken.
And Ivan said to avoid
(How many it is necessary):
"Be-ka rehouse me
Well, back to the forest. "
Turned ... Our Ivan
I wanted to enter without knocking,
Before he could: the door is opened -
At the door stands the old woman:
"What I see! Man!
In most impenetrable!
Or are you just a fool,
Ile entirely hopeless.
I've lived here for hundreds of years
Amid the wilderness forest
And people call me
Grandmother Yaga.
Here people during this time
many unvisited
But without a purpose, and for that
Paid with their lives.
Well, Tell me are you, my dear,
What is your name?
And why come here,
What are you looking here? "
Hello, Grandmother Yaga,
My name is Ivan,
And I'm looking for beauty,
But the hype around here:
I'm a grandfather said,
That somewhere is here
Answer me, true or false? "
"You Shoot down Mladen arrogance.
Yes, I know the old man,
But that life was bad enough,
You wait and rest
And otgaday zagadku:
"Without that you can not live,
Every hour you see,
As always unique,
Pleases our eyes? "
Ivan pondered
That's the mystery.
"Wait, the language
Otgadka spins.
What am I willing to love
At least until the coffin lid?
So she's around me.
Here it is - nature! "
"Good for you, John, is smart.
So cutting the eye:
Have you found that so was looking for.
Nature - Beauty.
So do not delay, get out.
Have you found beauty.
Tell others now
On his Mechta. "

The sunrise sunset yes, true story behind the story,
On the fulfillment of a dream, and Beauty.