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Content Management System

The developed control system allows you to:

  • add / edit / delete menu items and submenus;
  • manage the content of each page using the editor, similar to the word;
  • use the feedback form with the possibility of sending a few e-mail addresses;
  • add / edit / delete e-mails an administrator;
  • change administrator passwords;
  • change the title and meta tags of each page;
  • add / edit / delete vote (surveys);
  • add / delete files that are allowed to download only certain groups;
  • add / edit / delete groups of users.
  • add / edit / delete users. Each user can download the specific files that are allowed by the administrator to download his band;
  • add / edit / delete subscribers;
  • produce a newsletter to subscribers with the possibility of mailing of a particular group;
  • to use the phpbb forum to display next to the main page;
  • add / edit / delete ads, links to other sites;
  • use multi-language system on the site (to add additional language in one minute. opting system - all text added by the administrator)
  • add / edit / delete news site, view news for a certain period;
  • view statistics of visits;
  • import information from excel. on the site, this information is presented in tabular form with the ability to sort by any field;
  • to produce relevant search. searched including the tables, imported from files excel;
  • order goods from iportirovannyh tables. each item is placed in a basket of goods after the user leaves the choice of your location and a list of coordinates comes to the administrator.
  • print information without any page headings and menus.
  • prohibit the removal of content from the system pages.
  • add / edit / delete photos for the album. all photos are automatically reduced to display their thumbnails in the photo.
  • use a system of direct management of the database - the ability to edit / add / change any information in the database directly.
  • backup and restore the site database.
  • use the template system, which allows you to change the basic design for a short time.

Dating website

  • quick and advanced search of the questionnaires
  • Multi-language system
  • internal mail
  • system of exchange links
  • news system
  • Mailing System
  • voting system for a photo

Blog site. Diary

  • System templates
  • latest blogs, latest posts, the most popular
  • Search for each blog
  • counter in each blog
  • news system
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • albums
  • system of exchange links in each blog
  • comments to each post
  • control of the content
  • password protected blog

Dating Agency

script dating agency site is intended to provide information on a fee basis to clients about the girls who would like to meet

  • Online, there are three types of users: super administrator, administrator, clients (men)
  • Administrator enters information about the girls, writing letters on behalf of their clients and the girls take a letter from his client to girls
  • each letter on behalf of the girls are not sent without checking the super administrator
  • administrator can modify / delete their profiles of girls
  • register as a customer can only males
  • the client can find the questionnaire, write the girls to send photos, order gifts
  • for each received / sent a letter or photograph the customer pays a certain amount which is deducted from the total balance of the client
  • amount to pay for each letter or photo to clients sets super administrator
  • super administrator can make money on the balance of the client or deduct money from your balance, control the overall balance
  • super administrator can edit / delete users and customers girls
  • super administrator can view statistics for received / sent letters
  • super administrator can add / remove administrators
  • super administrator can send a private message to the client site
  • super administrator can perform mailing to all customers
  • super administrator can examine traffic to the site

Online Testing

During that testing is proposed to select answer. Selected response highlighted. To confirm press the "Reply" button. Before clicking on this button, the user can select a different answer.
The questions are not repeated. The user answers the questions of the test is not possible to go back and give a different answer to any of the previous questions. Upon completion of the test result is displayed in the form of estimates, according to the rating system chosen by the administrator.
The system allows you to:

  • Conduct authorized users to select from a list of your data, if it has already passed some tests, or enter a last name, first name, middle name and additional information. If the entered data will coincide with the data of a user from the list, a warning, and the teacher should make sure that there is no attempt to re-test.
  • During the test name to display the user passes the test, the same total number of questions and issues that have already been answered.
  • Choose a random questions and answers, so at the current time on the computer screens users see different questions. This greatly helps to achieve the independent work of users in the same room.
  • Block the passage of the test by one user more than once. To re-test requires administrator intervention.
  • Connect to the system a few tests, ask any number of possible answers to each question. The number of possible answers to each question may be different.
  • Use the same test questions from different sections of one course with a choice of the proportion of questions for each section.
  • At the same time to test for various tests on different computers. The administrator can allow access to a specific test for a specific list of ip addresses. For example, in the same classroom, users are tested for the course "ICT", and in another, "Computer Graphics".
  • Use the graphic material for the formulation of questions and answers.
  • Specify the scoring system used, eg 5, 12, 24 and 50 points.
  • Save the test results in a database for the study of errors and print the results.
  • Performance tuning system administrator control panel.

The administrator has the ability to:

  • view a list of users in the database,
  • edit the contents of the tests;
  • see the results of the test with a specific user,
  • remove the test results
  • print the result of the test, this formed a special plate, which contains all the necessary information - Name the last test, the date of passage, the number of points, questions with answers and scores for each answer.

The test system is protected from failure. If a failure does occur (eg, emergency power off computer, server, or targeted testing window closed), the data of the current test will not be lost. After an authorization technique and tested in the main window of the system, he will be asked another question, which he did not answer.
The system is currently more than ten years, used to test students' knowledge of the European branch of the University of Sevastopol.


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